Hannah Mühlfeldner

Hannah first became interested in working with asylum seekers after supporting unaccompanied young people at the Refugee Council in London. This, along with a year's volunteering for different NGOs in Gujarat, India, led to a focus on migration during her social work degree in Germany, and informed her consideration of the nature of “foreignness” and “othering” within the current situation in Europe. A longstanding passion for social justice, coupled with her interest in the arts and photography, formed the basis of her discussion's with Salome in developing the concept for the “Life in Transit” project. Together they interviewed those who have found themselves stranded in Istanbul, and translated the material into this exhibition.

Salome Fritz

Salome is a qualified occupational therapist and is currently studying Social Work with a focus on migration. Since 2015 she has been working for Save Me, a German campaign advocating for the UN resettlement programme. While interning with aid organizations in Athens, she was able to see the reality of living conditions for many refugees in Greece. Numerous trips to Turkey and the Caucasus introduced her to the geopolitical contexts of the region, and marked the beginning of her desire to remind people in Europe of the shared tragedy of a situation we too often see as far away. Together with Hannah she developed this idea further.
The two have a separate project, started in 2014, titled “Die Jacken sind bereits verteilt” (The jackets are already distributed). Students are offered a platform to critically explore the politics of international refugee policy and are encouraged to probe some of the practical aid offered to those “refugees” in need.

Hannah Krüll-Ruopp

studiert Soziale Arbeit mit dem Schwerpunkt Menschen in schwierigen Lebenslagen (Wohnungslosigkeit, Straffälligenhilfe). Sie begleitet das Projekt als Texterin und dokumentierte die Begegnungen in Istanbul in schriftlicher Form. Auch ist sie wesentlich an der Durchführung der Ausstellung beteiligt.

Anna Mählmann

ist staatlich anerkannte Erzieherin und studiert derzeit soziale Arbeit mit Schwerpunkt Umwelt und Kultur an der Katholischen Stiftungsfachhochschule München. Ihre Abenteuerlust und ihre Leidenschaft für fremde Länder und Kulturen führt sie immer wieder an entlegene Orte und in Begegnungen mit Menschen rund um den Globus. Ihr teuerster Reisegefährte ist und bleibt dabei das Fahrrad. Das Projekt unterstützt sie durch ihre planerischen und organisatorischen Fähigkeiten v.a. in der Ausstellungsorganisation.