In the exhibition we would like to give you the possibility to meet people face to face. To explore the idea of ‘us and them’ in the face of geographical separation. ‘They’ live on the other side of a boarder. ‘They’ are in Turkey. ‘We’ are in Europe. ‘They’ live in a foreign place. ‘They’ are foreigners. The border between ‘us’ and the ‘them’ will be questioned and examined. Perhaps we will see that they are much closer than we think?


Istanbul the global city between Orient and Occident has always been a place of longing for many people. It is a vibrant metropolis, the gate to Europe with more than 14 million inhabitants, which for a thousand years has been a meeting point for myriad traders and travellers. Increasing political instability in the Middle East, however, has hoisted thousands of people out of their homes in pursuit of protection and security, putting newfound pressure on Istanbul’s swelling walls. The exhibition’s portraits will be shown in this context – Istanbul as temporary home.